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shipping status! + group auction update

Sorry, business post! My LJ has stopped sending me emails, so it's hard to keep track of comments and whatnot. I'm trying, but I figure just in case I've missed anything... if you're mentioned here and you can just comment to confirm you've seen it, that'd be great.

Shipped out Friday:
rentorar - Jigglypuff Pokedoll
double_breaker - Quagsire sticker
wolvenillusion - Slowking and Typhlosion stickers

Sending out tomorrow:
dinosaurgomeow - Snubbull sticker
badgerrr_ftw - Feraligatr sticker

I still have a bunch of the laser/holo vending machine stickers! They are here if anyone is interested. $5 for the remaining 7, since I am trying to move them. :3

Also a reminder about the group plush auction, seen here. The Latias Pokedoll and hamster*Turtwig still have no offers!

Thanks! ^_^
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