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Packages & small sales

Starting off - Do I owe anyone feedback? If so, post here and I'll leave it right away :D On that note - If you have a spare moment, it would be great if you could leave me some feedback here :D

I have received 4 new packages - Yay! One is pretty random from me, and was purchased through eBay. All others from comm members!

The Meowth Pokedoll! I've secretly wanted this guy for a fairly long time, along with a couple of others. A little loved, but at about $6 shipped, I can't really complain XD

The large figures from the group auction from lineaalba! Thanks again for organizing it! I'm so glad, I now have all the large Tomy figures ticked off my wishlist. And Slowking from chargan_rawr! Thank you, and for the freebie card! And finally, Shaymin Friends from castform! Thank you as well, and for the adorable drawing!

Aaaaand some random stuff from the car boot. Don't mind the TLK bank there. Togepi still talks, and the lil Mew & Eevee Pokeball is adorable.

Thanks guys. If there's anywhere I can leave you feedback, please let me know!

And also, I've recently gone through my collections and picked out some of the duplicates, which are under the cut!

  • For this post, I ONLY accept Paypal outside the UK.

  • Echeques are fine!

  • I'm not interested in trades at this moment.

  • I accept haggling! Please don't be afraid to haggle! I won't bite :)

  • Please do not post things like 'I want it soooo much but I can't afford it!' It's annoying to say the least.

  • Prices listed as $US.

  • Items can be combined with anything from store_xiii.

    Shipping info
    Prices based on small orders only. Apologies, but it appears that the UK have upped shipping prices. Prices include bubble padded envelope.

    UK - $2 (Second class)
    Europe - $3
    US/Canada - $4

    Everything (Except tiny Vul & Raichu) $3 each. All in good condition, minor paint rubs on Moltres and crying Cubone.
    Raichu is an auction, starting at $5, BIN $10. Please note he lacks his plug and has a small paint rub on his snout. The feet are meant to be that way :3

    $0.50 each! Please take them!

    About twice the size of the above. $1 each (Multiples available)
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