IDK my BFF Jill? (badgerr_ftw) wrote in pkmncollectors,
IDK my BFF Jill?

Cleaning up shop.

Just trying to get rid of as much as I can. Whatever doesn't sell here I am throwing up on eBay.

$3.50 each
Clear!Torchic is $4. Has a small knick on its head feathers.
Mime Jr.'s are $1.50 each. Take them awaaaay.

Dewgong SOLD

ALL of the kids pictured above have some kind of permanent marker name on the back. I have tried Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser, nail polish remover, dry erase, rubbing alcohol and what have you, but alas. Unless otherwise noted, these kids are still in great condition and the marker is only noticeable if you look on the back of them (except for Vulpix).

$1.50 each. Marshstomp is free with any purchase because he is in bad shape.
Dragonite is $3 (still a pretty rare kid).

Golduck Jakks - $4
Cranidos chou gett - $1.50
TOMY Sandshrew/slash $3.50 for the pair
Small figures (Abra, Sandslash, blue Seel, green Parasect) - $1.25 each
Digimon figures (Agumon, silver GeoGreymon, Pixel Agumon, MachGaogamon) - $3 each

Paypal only. Will ship internationally. Please allow up to a week and a half before shipping, as I don't have a car and my ride has been extra busy lately.
Tags: kids, sales
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