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Trading site + Updated collection site

Hello everyone! It's been a while!!

I've been busy with school and cons, but I'm back now!

Firstly I'd like to apolagise to anyone I just..stopped replying to about trades. I was busy and when I got around to replying I thought no one would be interested anymore :'U if you still are interested, in any trades or sales we started to discuss, just let me know!!

SO onto the main point of this postt.

I've now converted completely to trades! I have a job now so I don't have to rely on selling for money, and I personally prefer trading over selling.

So I've made a trading website! up there is most items I have for trade (might be slightly incomplete)


the site dosen't only have pokemon, so I hope that's ok??

And on the note of what I would like in return, I've massivly updated my collection website wants!


It's still incomplete, but far better then what it was before. do note those are NOT the only items I am looking for of those characters!

as you can see I am after a whole range of items, not just pokemon.

Don't be afraid to offer :) the worst I can say is no!!

thank you for reading~

I'll reply to any comments tommorow, as it's super late now and I need to go to sleep (the holidays curse//crai 1-3 am everyday)

Tags: trading
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