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Curiosity killed the...Mew?

I won an absolutely adorable little Mew plush last night, and I was wondering if anyone has any
information on it at all?


I've been hunting Mew plushes for quite a while now, and I've never seen this one. There's no info on it on PokéPlushProject, either. The auction says nothing about where it came from, when it was released, or even what size it is, so for now it's just a mystery Mew.

Anyone have any ideas where it came from? When it was released? How big it is? Anything? I'm just curious so no worries if it is just a mystery, but it would be nice to know what sort of plush it is, especially because I've never once seen it before. :)

(Also, that cute Jirachi with it will probably be up for sale in twenty days or so once I get it!)
Tags: info, mew, plush
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