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Sales Part 2: Flats

My sales information can be viewed here:

Shipping for flats starts at around $2 in the US and $4 international.  Minimum purchase for flats for international members is $1.

Card Sleeves:

$1 per sleeve, if you are interested in more than 3 of one design just throw out an offer.
N- 26 available
Tohoku Pikachu- SOLD
(Note: I am willing to trade individual sleeves for sleeve designs I don't have if they are ones of interest to me.)

Ensky Magnets:

Samurott -$4
Gogoat,Talonflame,Swadloon- $3 each

SOLD: Swadloon,Talonflame

Magnet Sheet (From Pokemon Fan)- $2

Chimchar Pokemon Time Bookmark (No major noticble flaws)- $4

Pokemon TIme Bookmarks (Both have small creases on them, viewable in second and third photos)- $2 each OBO

Pokemon Center Walky Eevee Stickers (Plastic packaging has slight wear but stickers are free from damage.)- $5

American Mew Sticker- $1

Pokemon Center Tissue Packets- $1 each
SOLD: Giratina Pack

Samurott Playing Card- $2  Bouffalant Playing Card not pictured)- $2

Japanese Anime Cards from Bandai- Only the "Friends" Card is still available- $1

TOPPS Cards- $0.50 each OBO Anime Cards are $0.20 cents each OBO

SOLD: Team Rocket Card

Marumiya Stickers- Zekrom $1.50

SOLD: Snivy

Amada Stickers-
Gible- $1
Burmy- $0.75

Pan Stickers-
Lilligant- $2
Bouffalant- $1

90's Stickers- Offer (Can sell individually or in sets)

SOLD: Growlithe

Burger King Cards - (All have some degree of visable wear,just want them out of here.)- $0.10 each or free with purchase
SOLD: Squirtle

Trading Cards (English):

Legendary Collection Meoletta- $4 OBO

Cards available for trade or sale can be viewed in the links given here:
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