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Let's talk about Groudon...

Hi all, long time no topic-post. Recently I got a new snazzy phone so I've been motivated to take pictures again, since I can now get them onto my computer, hurrah!

I wanted to complain talk about the new Pokemon Center Groudon plush which came out the other week. Haven't seen anyone else do so yet, so here we go. This is meant to be a more critical review of the plush so... um, sorry? xD;

When I first saw the promo pic for the Hoenn legendary trio plush, I was super excited. My Groudon plush collection is probably the most space consuming of my whole collection, so I was a bit hesitant about where on earth this new guy was gonna live, but fortunately (though maybe disappointingly for other peeps), he isn't as big as, say, the discontinued Groudon plush. I'm pretty sure we all expected that, given the usual size of Poke Center plush these days, but hey. I like the size.

Back to that promo image. It looked promising. In my opinion, the end product is a bit of a let down.

It isn't news, however, that the spikes on Groudon are flat, rather than actually stuffed and shaped like, well, spikes. But damn, Groudon, have you been on a diet? He looks so skinny! I'd say that from the side, he's a pretty decent looking plush, though. My beef is with this plush from the front...

What...what happened? What happened here? Seriously. What.
I don't mean to be harsh (I lie, I do), but did they not even consider what the plush would look like from the front? Ugh. You might also notice that Groudon's belly isn't made from minky, but from a rougher, non-fluffy fabric. Why? Just, why? The other recent Poke Center plush aren't like this. The other thing is, I actually don't mind the flat spikes on the hands/feet/sides, but on his head? G's head isn't just a ball with fins on it!! D:

Here's a comparison with the older Pokemon Center Groudon plush:

Obviously, they're very different plush, and normally I wouldn't compare these things together, as, well, having the same plush made over and over again would be boring. The older plush is definitly more chibified, which maybe made it easier to translate into cuddly form, but I can't help but wonder if some of the design choices would have enhanced the newer release, such as shaping the head in a similar way.

As I said, I do like the new plush from certain angles, and it's definitely unique among the (many) Groudon plush out there, so it's a welcome addition to my collection, but the 2000's model wins hands down IMO. Which do you prefer?

If you'd rather not read my rambling:

Now I was certainly looking forward to this, the hyper-sized Tomy Monster Collection Zygarde!

He's fab, but mine has a slightly bent frill. Oh well, I'll just call him Bendy. Or Warpy, maybe. I dunno. It's sort of endearing anyway.

Oh look, hyper-sized legendary Ground-types hanging out together. <3 I should've placed a regular Tomy in here for size comparison, but they would've been crashing the party (poor excuse is poor).

In non-Ground news. temptation got the better of me and my Chesnaught collection has turned into a Chespin, Quilladin and Chesnaught collection now. Here's my haul. I couldn't resist that palm-top talking Chespin any longer.

Collecting a starter. Kill me now.
Thanks for reading!!
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