Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New sales + unknown Groudon + wants :3

Hi community! First of all, the Sinnoh Rainbow GA has arrived to the warehouse so be ready for the payment 2 pretty soon!!
And today I got a package with a lot of new figures, most of them kids so I have updated my sales post so please take a look :D You can click HERE on the photo or on the Poochyena at the end of the post!

What are these? I got these figures, Groudon looks like a grabby/mini-clip (it has a plastic piece on the botton as other grabbys like Charizard and as big as a kid) but they could be bootlegs. I'm pretty sure Dialga and Palkia are bootlegs but I prefer to be sure of that! If someone know anything please let me know!


Finally, if someone is selling a Typhlosion pencil topper please let me know! I trade for one a few months ago but it didn't arrive so I guess it got lost... And I'm only missing the kids of the photo so if someone is selling them or want to do a trade with me, I'm here ^^
I still searching for a lot of things on my wants post so please help me complete my collections! :D

Tags: groudon, sales, typhlosion, wanted
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