alvagc122 (alvagc122) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I got Tired of WAITING!!!

Ummm hi!! i erased my last shaymin post xDD!! well here is the story:
I preordered an Ambipom plush from Toys N' Joys but they tell me only Aipom arrived and that they dont know when is Ambipom arriving... so im getting tired!! and well i found this on Y!J....

The thing is they are Aipom and Ambipom!! they are $8 (880 yen)
I dont really need aipom and i was planning to make a group buy but the thing is that i dont have a SMJ account so i cant make it!! If someone could make it i would take Ambipom and the Aipom is up for grabs...

I don't know how much shipping is, but for this i would pay more than $30!! (same as shaymin!!) so i would give $5.00 for him and the other one would be up for grabs!!

I hope someone helps here!! And thanks xDD

I wont be posting these problems like in a month or two... but this is a great opportunity that i just cant let go xDD

They are new with tags...
Tags: aipom, ambipom, info
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