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Hey, guys. Mixed post time!

SALES -- I'm having a mixed sale of some random things over in my journal, including some Pokemon TCG (Japanese Neo Starters) and a Bulbasaur plush, as well as random anime merch -- figurines and suchness. I'm also still selling this Shaymin/Skymin picture. It's $20, but I'll let it go for someone in this comm for $15? :>

RECEIVED? -- Was also wondering -- all the people I sold Pokemon bookmarks and buttons to a few weeks ago -- they arrived, right? XD I always get worried about them, especially the ones that went overseas. If you would let me know that you've got them, that'd be great. (You can also leave me some feedback here and I'd be happy to leave you some as well!)

WANT -- Does anyone have a Croconaw and/or Feraligatr kid for sale pretty cheap? Also looking for the closed-mouth Lapras kid that I just missed out on in a few people's recent sales posts... D:

COMMISSIONS -- Finally, if anyone wants some tangible pokearts...I do them for $15/character in either marker or colored pencil on 8.5x11 paper. (Digital is $20/character) Examples are here.

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