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Teeny Pokedoll Gets, Question and a Grail!!! Plus the McDonald's Chubbychu from my first wants post!

I was going to wait until my package from happycosmos arrived, if it even arrives :'( but it's been months now, and I can't keep all these delicious gets to myself any longer!
I have other packages coming in the next couple of weeks too so I was going to wait until then at least, but then these guys arrived from korth this morning (Thanks so much to both you and noonowl for hosting such a fantastic GA!):

Anyway, more individual collages of all my other gets, with their names and thank yous (and very minimal text I promise! At least until my grail) underneath the cut!


Gambino the Zoroark! Was originally going to call him "Gambit", but decided to name him after Childish Gambino instead when I realised he was born a rapper (refer to bottom left photo).

Polly Ethel

Polly Ethel the Ho-oh! Polly for parrot, Polyethylene for the plastic bits on its tail and wings.


Peanut the Anniversary Squirtle! Peanut for his voluptuous figure.
Thank you poliwhirl, he is one tasty peanut!


Sebulba the Anniversary Bulbasaur! Pretty self-explanatory if you've watched Star Wars...
Thanks a bunch, polahbear!! I almost bid on a velboa one, but I'm glad I waited it out instead <3

The final Pokedoll was once a grail, and so I'll save it for the end!

Nobby the Subby!
Finally won one for a ridiculously good price! Thank you doryphish333 for hosting that Karpe Diem GA, and polahbear once again, for middle-manning Nobby with the Sebulba I bought from you!!



Pikachu has not been named, and may never be named, for no names do him justice, just as no photo ever will :(
Thanks so so much poke_zula!! I've been scouting out one without a full nose for ages, and you provided.


Size comparison with Tiny Tim, my 1:1 Pichu. It's okay Pikachu, I still love you :(

FINALLY, last but not least (NOT LEAST AT ALL).


Plumplemousse the Budew, the King of all Grapefruits!!! Pamplemousse means "grapefruit" I think in French, and he is very plump, even for a grapefruit.

He's not all that sought after I don't think, but he was my grail for a number of reasons:
1) Thorns the Budew was my first ever caught Pokemon in a Nuzlocke
2) A picture of him was what first sparked my interest in collecting Pokedolls, and plushes in general
3) He might not be all that rare or expensive, but I never wanted to buy the ones from international sellers on eBay, because I worried he would get lost on his way to me </3>, for bringing him into my life!!! (and for being Australian I suppose)

That's it for today! But I have many more gets coming up in the near future, including new additions to my poor dwindling Espurr collection!

Shameless sales plug (TCG ONLY)

OH! And here are the questions:
1) Are there any minky editions of Ho-oh? And do they all have plastic tips on their tail and wings? (Refer to picture)
2) I heard the new Oops! mascot keychain plushes they squeak??

aaaaand until next time, fellow collectors xx
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