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I can't decide, help please and commissions?

I figure this would be the right place to post this. First I want to make a new preview image for sale posts/collection updates but can't decide on the version.

So here's mailtung:
colored with black lines
colored with pink lines
black and white
pink and white
Which you like?

Also as you can see I can draw... kinda good =/ and I want to make a bit of cash so I wonder if anyone would like to commission me for something small like this?
-For something simple (one Pokemon with simple solid shading, no background) I would charge... 2 bucks? Sound fair?
-Also to avoid overwelming I can't open more than 5 positions at a time. So first come first serve!
-Furthermore, because this is such a small form of payment I only accept paypal (fund type USD) or trades (more info underneath)
-I have to charge a 50 cent fee for debit/credit card paypal. Also e-checks are ok if that's the only way you can pay.
-I'm willing to send you the sketch (being without the digital coloring) but you have to pay for shipping/price of envelope.
-I also do trades... though I doubt anyone is going to send me a lickitung/lickilicky item for a 2 dollar drawing.

Any takers?

EDIT: Also since apparently digital art alone isn't enough for a post here. I also do commission on small charms. such as these or or this which are made of magic model clay and are usually and inch or two in height/length. Same paypal info but they're 8 dollars flat (meaning that includes shipping costs internationally which often cost me 3-5 dollars).
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