Teapig (opossumpanda) wrote in pkmncollectors,

info on this plush? :)

I saw this adorable guy on eBay lastnight, and I'm wondering if he's part of a line of plushies or something. I haven't seen a post about plushies similar to this one, maybe I just missed it.

Won't be released until next month, just curious if there's any other cute plushies like this being made of different pokemon. Looks like it's fashion-show themed? :D The stock images on the listing show that the sunglasses are detachable with velcro.

also as far as collecting goes, I've been a total lurker for the past while. No new panda stuff has become available recently so I've barely bought anything.

I have my own scale now though so I'm thinking of starting selling my extra stuff laying around soon, I have bags of it. XD Just intimidated by getting quotes...
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