Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Battle Trozei Set 2 Stickers and other Sales, Wants, and Question!

Hello lovely people! Happy Wednesday! I come to you with Stickers and stuffs oh my!

Firstly here is a preview/link to my eBay sales! Tons of stuff some of it is not pictured here:


I'll also be adding some card lots soon. The DX Vulpix is not the one I recently bought from Razeasha if anyone is wondering. As well, the Hasbro Vulpix is not the one I won in SerenitySama's auction a while back. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Second, a preview of the new Trozei stickers I have for sale as well as the remaining stickers from the last set:
The 1st set stickers are actually available on my storenvy, there is a link in my sales.

I forgot to include this in my preview but I am also selling some paper sheets featuring a bunch of Pokés!

Lastly, I am looking for someone to do shiny repaints on these three cuties. I want someone experienced. If you are handy with paints, or know someone who is please let me know! Must have some form of positive feedback and no negatives.

Oh right and my wants can be found HERE! Any help finding these items would be appreciated.
Tags: articuno, dedenne, lapras, meowstic, moltres, pokedoll, sales, vulpix, zapdos
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