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Late Opening

I was going to post this a few days ago but I totally spaced it off.

So lets get right to it!

Lets have Azula help us open it!

Now that she's opened it, lets see what's really in there.

Oh no, a Goomy! Quick Azula, pull it out!

Phew, glad we resuced her. Looks like they're taking a liking to eachother.

I've been waiting on Goomy for about a month, so I'm glad she finally arrived. Tbh she's smaller than I exspected.

Here are some other stuff I got that I haven't updated on:

 Lopunny Cards. I was hopping I could find a Japanese version but sadly they're more than I want to spend right now (I'm broke OTL).

I finally got it guys! ;a; I love it. Thanks to hawlucha for helping me get it!

I also got some books. The first one I got at a Barnes & Noble. I had a few extra bucks so I thought I should get it. Too bad it’s not one of the original prints. Finding the other one was amazing. Whenever I go to thrift stores with my family I always keep an eye out for used Pokemon stuff. Most of the time I have no luck, and on that trip I was basically done searching. While I was standing in line with my family my dad and sister were browsing through the kids books and making fun of the titles. I scanned it slightly and saw part the blue and yellow in the logo. I yanked it out and put it on the checkout stand.

Here's my collection blog. I post more there than I do here. Hopefully I'll get a better camera, but for now I'm stuck with the 3ds.
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