Mr. Tsuchigumo (kittay752) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Mr. Tsuchigumo

Rare Mirror Auctions, Amada Sales, and Noppin Extra Sales!

Hi everyone! I've got something super exciting for you all today! Some extremely rare Pokemon Mirrors up for auction, some beautiful rare "Special" Amadas, and a bunch of other items that were in my most recent Noppin boxes! I've got TONS Of the Rare Amada stickers so that everyone has a fair shot at getting the ones they want! I've also got three completely unopened packs with some very popular Pokemon on the front. Below is a preview picture of the Auctions and beneath that is the link to the Auctions and Sales:
Auction and Sales Link:

I'm gonna be doing a collection update soon with a bunch of exciting things I won from Noppin later when I do an auction reminder including a super mega grail of mine! So stay tuned for that.~
I also have a quick want:

I'm looking for this Silver Lazer Holo Vileplume Amada Sticker! If anybody has one they would be willing to sell PLEASE let me know! I'll pay around $10.00 for him.
Thank you for your time everyone and please check out my auctions/sales! :D
Kittay752!~ <3
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