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Updated TCG Sales!

I finally went through the binder and got every page...

I've still got lots of Eeveelutions and assorted rares put on my other TCG sales post and ebay, so be sure to check those!

I also picked up a couple cute Pokemon things while at a con this weekend...
oh crap I found my old box of plushies..


My main happiness point came on Friday, walking through the Artist alley right before close...

 A big ol' custom made Banette plush! He's got a big dumb head and is soft and floppy arms and I absolutely adore him. I was so excited seeing him that I couldn't even ask to hold him. The lovely lady that made him said he was for sale and urged me to give him a cuddle. Woops. 45 bucks well spent.
He's about 2 feet tall and his head is enormous.

I also got a small Ditto plush from a community member Serenitysamaa! I got the regular one but he is so soft and so well made I wanted to go get a Shiny one. She sold out fast though! If you get the cahnce I recommend him.

There was more pokemon stuff around I didn't pick up, but for a small con I was immensely pleased.

Please check out my TCG sales, I need to make up some cash for another con coming up ^^;
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