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Massive post tiem? BE AFRAID.

Got a nice big SMJ box today, and now I'm about to drown in plush again. Some of them are really rare/old/NICE plush, too, so I hope you guys find something you're looking for! :D Please make offers if you're not sure about the price I'm asking. I'm pretty flexible with prices~

Also, if you have an order pending with me you'll get reduced or free shipping if something here catches your eye!

* I take Paypal for all orders, and concealed cash in some situations. (I will only allow concealed cash for orders of $10 or more not including shipping.) I prefer NOT to take E-checks.

* I may take up to a week and a half to ship. I generally ship within two or three days. Just keep in mind that I am a college student who has no license and it sometimes takes me a while to get to the post office, as I do not drive yet and have a busy schedule. I am very reliable with shipping things out, however, and I have many satisfied customers on pkmncollectors. If you are in a hurry to get your item, let me know and I can rush to ship it. :)

* I ship internationally! Let me know if you're somewhere else other than the US. International shipping generally costs a few dollars more than domestic shipping.

* I will hold items for three days IF AND ONLY IF you have bought from me previously and it was a positive experience. All others must pay within twenty-four hours or your hold on the item expires. I may budge from this in rare circumstances, but I have had a lot of problems with people backing out of things or taking forever to pay. I'm sorry to be so strict about this.

* I DO appreciate bartering! If you want to make an offer, please feel free! These prices aren't set in stone. :)

* Please contact me here or at my e-mail address if you have any problems with your order. My e-mail is phoenixfreedom AT yahoo.com, and I check it compulsively.

* I might trade under some circumstances, but I am only looking for the following: Vaporeon Pokédoll, Japanese 17" Eevee plush, Totodile 1/1 plush, Marill 1/1 plush, giant plush in general (especially Lapras and Tyranitar), any Eevee or Mew DX plush I don't have already, and that's...really about it. D: You can offer if you have quite a few Japanese plush, though--I do have others I'm after but I'm not as interested.

* Charmander 12" plush. A bit loved, but very soft and nice to give hugs to. :D -- $5
* Very old, rare 6" Blastoise plush. In fact, this was the first Blastoise plush ever released--all the way back in 1997! Excellent condition with all tags intact! -- $12
* 6" TOMY Kawaii Nuigurumi Torchic. New in bag with tags, looks extremely soft and a little like the Pokédoll (but a little bigger). So adorable! -- $10
* Skymin Pokédoll. From my collection, absolutely pristine condition with tag. -- $18
* Cherubi Korotto Plush. Brand new in bag with all tags. Really cute and bigger in person than it looks in photos! -- $12 ON HOLD

* Pikachu 6" magnet plush. Brand new, excellent condition. I'm tempted to keep it, so grab it before I do decide to do that! He'll sit on your refrigerator if you let him. 8D -- $7
* Meowth 6" magnet plush. Brand new, excellent condition. He'll stick on your refrigerator! Look at that smirk. :D -- $8
* Teddiursa 6" magnet plush. Brand new, excellent condition. I'm tempted to keep it, so grab it before I do decide to do that! He'll sit on your refrigerator if you let him. 8D -- $12

* Torchic 6" Hasbro Plush. Loved and has a few small marks on it (they would probably come out with a gentle wash), but still very soft and has lots of love to give! -- $4
* Chikorita 6" Hasbro Plush. Used but excellent condition! -- $4.50
* Corphish 6" Hasbro Plush. Used but very good condition! -- $4.50
* Taillow 6" Hasbro Plush. Loved fur, but still soft and nice anyway! -- $4

* Piplup friends plush. Excellent condition, very cute! -- $4.50
* Oddish friends plush. Perfect mint condition, I'm tempted to keep him, so if he doesn't go somewhere after this sales post he's all mine. -- $5
* Jolteon friends plush. Used but in very good condition! This plush goes for quite a bit generally, and I saw one recently in the same condition for $30. Come on guys, why hasn't he sold yet? I'd keep him but I already have one! -- $12 ON HOLD
* Mew friends plush. Very old and rare, but definitely loved on quite a bit. Does $3 sound fair?

Have some bunnies before I get all electric rodent-ish on you. 8D

* 8" Buneary plush (Dialga Set Korotto UFO plush). Brand new with tag! -- $7 ON HOLD
* 8" Buneary plush (Diamond and Pearl Set 2 Korotto UFO plush). These two have the same pattern, but different tags. Hmmm. Brand new with tag! -- $7
* 8" Jakks Buneary plush. No hang tag, but excellent, soft condition otherwise! -- $5

* Plusle and Minun DX talking or dancing plush (or both?) on stands. About 11" tall. Very rare--I've never seen these guys before! Minun is opened and needs new batteries, but Plusle is new in bag and probably doesn't need new batteries. Both perfect condition! -- $15 each or both for $28.
* Plusle and Minun Medal-Winning Plush. Very rare and sought-after! Sooo soft and new with tags, too! Last time I sold these guys they went for $22 each. -- $14 each or both for $26

Or buy all four Plusle/Minun plush for $50! A great start to your Plusle and Minun collection or some great additions to an existing collection. :D

* RARE totally adorable jingly 6" Christmas Pichu. Perfect condition with tag! He jingles, and released all the way back in 2000. Did I mention he jingles? I am so, so tempted to keep this guy, so snatch him up while you can! -- $15 ON HOLD
* Pichu 5" Magnet plush. He'll sit on your fridge! Totally cute and soft, also tempted to keep this guy! Too much adorable, orz. -- $8
* Hasbro 6" Pichu. New with tags, really soft! -- $5
* UFO Catcher Pichu of unknown origin. A tiny bit loved (I'd say he's very good condition) and no tags, but just look at that smile! -- $7
* Pichu 3" squish keychain. So squishy, and what a cute pose! He's running! -- $4.50



* Sooooft fleece older 7" Pikachu plush. So huggable! Has a slight black hue on his head, but it's not very noticeable. Has his tag! I'm tempted by this guy~ -- $6 ON HOLD
* Happy older 7" Pikachu plush. Missing his nose, but otherwise excellent condition with tags! He's a smiley guy. :D -- $6
* Little older Pikachu plush. Excellent condition with tags! -- $5


My few remaining zukan! All new or completely mint condition.
* Sunkern/Sunflora -- $3.50
* Gligar/Gliscor -- $4
* Exeggcute/Exeggutor -- $4
* Rhyhorn/Rhydon -- $4

Or take them all for $10! A nice start for your zukan collection. :D

* Eevee kids -- $3
* Happiny, Crawdaunt, Blaziken, and Manaphy kids -- $1.50 each, or all four for $5!
* Slowpoke Bound Ball. Has a few marks on him, but so adorable. You could probably get the marks off easily, I just haven't tried. -- $3.50
* Raichu TOMY with mark on back of his head. -- $1
* Clefairy Lollipop Holder -- $1

Buy all the above picture items for $7. :)


* Brand new battle museum figures in bags -- $1 each! Available: Hoppip, Graveler, Clear Slowpoke, Chansey, Pineco, Smeargle, Hitmontop, Blissey, and Bellsprout making a funny face. Buy all for $7!
* Brand new pencil toppers -- $1 each. Available: Claydol, Vigoroth, and Slaking. Buy all three for $2!

Or buy all of the above picture items for $8!

* Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard shoes! Very old, children's size, but in brand new condition. Awesome item for any Charizard collector! I will only ship these within the US because they're kind of heavy (it'll be about $4 to ship them First Class and $2.50 for parcel post~). $5 or make an offer.

-----------------/END SALES

Okay, these are obviously just very very general collection photos where you can't see even close to everything, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of just how large of an undertaking it will be to post a full out collection post. Of course, I won't be doing that yet as I eternally have things in the mail and I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that task. ^^;




This is the Poképlush chair. I should be sitting there to go on my laptop, but...well...the bed suffices? ^^;

...I am getting more Mew and Eevee plush in the mail. .___. And I have one Mew DX plush on that chair above, so yeah. No more room.

Also, I'm sad you can't see my Eevee TOMY plush there! He's hidden. He's my favorite Eevee plush I own so far.


LOL, box of two hundred bubble wrappers and items waiting to be packaged and go out in the mail. Also, see that giant Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres card? That's signed by the director of the Pokémon anime, who was at Anime Expo this year! :D

randomflavor, stiiill no Dragonite. ;___; Why you do this, USPS? WHYYYYYYYYYY T_____T
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