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Post office adventures with a happy ending!

I guess this story might sound familiar to anyone who gets a lot of packages but I've never had it happen to me before, I always considered the postoffice gods to really like me... Today they just showed me to be more gratefull for every package that makes it without any hiccups on the way (not considering customs clearance because those gods just have it in for me)

(I wrote it a bit exsessivly I hope that's ok If you're not in for a read just skip to the pictures :D)

So I find the usual note you get when you're not home when the postman comes ringing, my postman is not an early bird so often I've already left for work by the time he makes his round here so nothing exciting there... I take it to the post office all excited because I just knew what was coming in and it was something I was looking forward to badly!

The usual busyness is going on and when it's my turn I hand over the paper, the clerc goes out back and looks for my package, comes back with a small package I know isn't mine, he compares it to my paper and goes back without saying anything, I'm getting a tad nervous here, he looks around, I see him walk back and forth, my stomach starts to tie a tiny knot in itself... He goes and checks his pc... He looks a bit puzzled and mumbles something like it's probably still in Overpelt (the city next to where I live) Goes out back one more time and comes back empty handed, the people behind me in line seem to be getting a bit upset with me soaking up their time as I looked behind me.

And then he came with some somewhat disturbing news... It's not here... I knew it was a big package so overlooking it wouldn't be easy so all I could do is accept my fate for now. He noted my number down and would look for it later when it was less busy and call me if it turned up.

Fast forward to this afternoon... Ring ring goes my phone a blocked numer, I pick up and the great news came, they had found my package! It had been misplaced but I could come pick it up now. That was a very happy moment, I was already dreading it may not be found but things turned out for the best.

So I went to pick it up asap and thanked the post people for finding my package, he was sorta curious what it could be as it was from outside the country I told him it was a present from a friend from the us (pfew never be to carefull with those customs gods lurking around the corner ;))

And when I got my package my heart sorta got another hit as I noticed it was somewhat 'open' being happy it had been found I didn't say much of it and prayed what was inside survived the trip.

This is how I got it:


I know I can't be alone on being a bit scared when you see your package like this right? Or am I being a bit overconcerned?

But now to the best part... Unboxing!

So here goes nothing... Open it up and hope for the best...


First up this little pink cutie! With the note polahbear included for me <3 Thank you so much for my 2 new and super awesome plushies!!!


And here comes Johnny Fennekin...


Now on to the hard part i already had 2 assesories in mind but I'm not sure which one would be the best or maybe I should find a whole other one all together what do you guys prefer?

Flowery scarf option :)


Or maybe more of a stylish bowtie collar?


So cast your votes ladies and gentleman!
The name would also depend on the styling a little aswell I'm just not sure of it I want something firey but suiting anyway... I kinda like Nuri or Ember but I've not made up my mind yet :)

And this one just for fun, look how big the fennekin is compared to my biggest dachshund Gijsje ^^


All in all a happy ending to this all I hope you guys enjoyed my rambelings :D
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