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A littlebit disappointing get from the comm & wants!

Hello all pkmncollectors! o^-^o Hope you are all fine!

Today I received a package with my ho-oh pokedoll from the comm (I don´t know the username of the seller anymore, only the emailadress).
I know that I bought it in june (so for 4 months ago xD) - but it came from australia via seamail so it took a long time to arrive, which is absolutely normally. But the condition of the pokedoll was really...I will not say "horrible", that would be overstated...xD But anyway, it don´t  expected those condition.
Normally I´m really really not fussy, and I also accept when packages doesn´t arrive (if its without a tracking), or there are some paint marks on figures, a bit loved plush or something...But this time I was a bit diappointed about the condition of the plushie I received. I know its not a new one, and may be a bit loved, but not so much damaged and dirty as it was...What are you thinking about it? More under the cut!
the fabric looks really loved and dirty ( in real more than on the pic)
the color has faded a bit on the green fabric
Here is a small hole in the fabric
...and all the flaws in the yellow tales!! Ö.Ö FUUUUUUUUU
It looks not very beautiful, right? I simply cannot believe that this happened on the way arriving to me by the post, even when it was a long way overseas. Unless they threw the package from the ship in the water and fished it back...play with it and cuddle it every night til it came to me about 3-4 months xD The package was a normal envelope without any bubble or something...and it was OPEN! On one site the envelope was totally open, as if the postman took a look into it...but seems to be that he wasn´t interested in ho-oh...thank goodness! XD
Okay, I will try to clean it now and hope it will look better than before. U.U It is very cute anyway!

As for my wants: I´m willing to expand my collection and I´m really searching for more stuff of the following bug pokemon:
- caterpie line
- ledyba line
- heracross

Please tell me if you have some figures, plush or other things for sale! I might be interested in :3

Thanks for looking& have a nice weekend!
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