Sirieht (sirieht) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets, Halloween Edition! (Also, a question)

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some of my new Collection with you!

My birthday was last Sunday and I got some cool stuff:

Firstly, my boyfriend got me this Halloween Pikachu from Japan. I think it is the one from 2011, but he said the seller claimed it was 2013. Can anyone clear this up? (I love the Pikachu either way!)

Secondly, I bought these three guys for myself with my birthday money!

That's the Halloween Pikachu released this year from Pokemon Center: Japan. And those other two are from my local Hot Topic. I had to go to the store twice to find them in stock and Jolteon was the very last one! I also bought Vaporeon for my boyfriend, but he took it home with him before I was able to take any pictures.

Of course, you can always view my entire collection right here!

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