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That latest ORAS announcement hnggg + sales XD

So how about that latest ORAS announcement, guys 8D;;
If you haven't seen it yet...
Wonder how they'll make merch for those details... (I want to snip them off with a pair of scissors LOL)

Inspired me to finally take a shot of my Rayquaza collection! It's actually a lot smaller than I thought hahaha... although I wanted to save this for later because the collection is going to be multiplying within the next month and I should be getting the new PC Rayquaza by like... tomorrow or next week. XD But at least I'll get to compare then :3c

I like how this one fits right on top of Lotad w

Oh yah!!! I'm going to have a LOT more time spent on transit with my new job, so I'll get to this game finally??? The original Japanese Pokemon Conquest~~ With the 1st press Nobunaga Rayquaza TCG card *q*
I got it recently for just 10 bucks, I'm so happy with it!! :D

Also, plug for my sales! Would love your help in clearing out more inventory before I get really busy in a couple weeks with my parents visiting... lol~
Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

rules and SALES! )
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