Richelle (sushiibear) wrote in pkmncollectors,

grail want: magikarp pokedoll

Hi everyone! So I've been looking for a magikarp pokedoll for a while and I know they sell for pretty high. I'm not particularly picky about which edition of the pokedoll it is, whether it has all the tags (but must have tush tag) and it doesn't have to be mint. The magikarp is mostly to be played and cuddled with so it might even be better if it's in loved condition (because I'll be too anal and paranoid to mess up it's mint condition).

Does anyone have one they're willing to part with? Preferably not crazy expensive since I'm supposed to be saving up for my trip to Australia but he's a grail so...I'll make an exception.

I'm located in Canada but I also have a shipping address in the USA.

I took the image from Japan Video Games, if this is against community rules, let me know and I'll take it down.

Thanks for your time!
Tags: magikarp, pokedoll, wanted, wants
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