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Plush collection update (finally!)

Hi pkmncollectors!

It's time for a collection update!
I have bought so many plushies in this community over the past few months, I just can't tell. In the beginning I was always like "Oh, this one is cool, I need it", without really having a direction of what my plush collection should develop into.
Later, I somehow began to have a soft spot for Jolteon.

Now I can say my focus clearly is on canvas plush.

Anyway, let's follow little Lapras and her mommy to the party! :D

This is what my shelf looks like at the moment:

More detailed pics:

My Chikoritas, and my Fennekin and Chespin Pokedolls! :)

My beloved Jolteons, from small to big. :3 I also have this cute little custom plush! :D You can also see my cute Gardevoir MPC, and my Mega Absol. <3

My proud and joy, my canvas plush! :) Lapras was the most recent get here. <3 Bulbasaur is somehow missing, and I'm also looking for a Torchic. :)

The other canvas! Growlithe is definitely one of my favorites! <3
I never intended to buy the Eeveelutions canvas, but I got them for really good prices. So here they are. :3

This pic needs a little explaining. :D The shelf is located directly above my bed, and since Glaceon's head kinda goes down, I can always look up to her when laying in bed. xD She's watching me. xDDD

Nobody gets overlooked! This is a perfect overview over all the canvas plush I currently own. Remember my Ampharos I got the day I joined the community? :3 It was one of the four canvas (Riolu, Chimchar, Turtwig and Amphy) I started with. :D

Last picture for today:
These cuties sit on the edge of my bed. :3 I got the Cresselia Pokedoll for birthday from my boyfriend. Minky beauty! :)
I've fallen in love with Espurr, too. I honestly thought of cutting off the pokepuff, but I decided that it would be too rude. :/

Thanks for looking and reading!! :) <3
Have a nice day/night, wherever you are located! :)
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