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Gets ! + Question for card collectors ?

Hello everyone !

Phew, it was a long week. Fortunately, two great figures came in the mail ! What could it be ? Here's a hint :

2014-10-03 18.34.38

2014-10-03 18.34.55

My first purchase from the community ! A Sylveon kid figure ! I believe these were only released in prize machines in Japan, for the red Genesect movie. I got her for an awesome price and the seller was really kind !

( A common belief in France is that prize machines are scam and that you can't win. They're sometimes called " Attrape-cons " which kinda means... " Traps for stupid people ". )

Anyway, the second get :

A Sylveon palm talking figure !

She's really well-made and I love how she talks ! She also laughs, purrs, and...says a lot of "Fia".

... So I decided to call her Fia Fia. ;^;

I found my old Pokemon cards yesterday, and this card was part of them :

2014-10-03 21.12.11

It's a french Shiny Mewtwo card from the Neo Destiny set. The website Pokecardex lists it as an ultra-rare card, but do you know about it and how rare it is ? Thank you ! And thanks to Fia Fia the Sylveon for holding the card while I was taking a photo of it. =3

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