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new groudons gets aaaa!

It's such an exciting time for me with all my babies to look forward to being released and some that already have and eee i'm back into my 'BUY ALL THE THINGS' phase cause I don't want to miss any Groudons since I was too young to collect during Ruby's first release.


First up, the new pokecen plush. i have voiced my disappointment with this guy previously and honestly i'm still a bit upset about it ;_;

his head is entirely felt and it's hideous.

his arms (not to mention his claws/spikes) just look wrong.
i think the only redeeming factor on this plush is the softness of the red fabric. This is his second ever soft plush!

Overall, i think he just looks too skinny and just kinda weird. I have loved groudon for his overall chubiness and grumpy-ness and this just doesn't scream 'Groudon' to me ;_;

I got this awesome custom made sculpt though! I saw it on etsy and had to buy it immediately! It was made by EtherealDynasty on etsy and I think she is very talented!

I saw these up for pre-order on AmiAmi and even though I don't really use covers or anything since I have a Pikachu XL I had to get them cause they had my babies on them (Primal Groudon's first merch!) I am tempted to buy another case to use. ^w^

Here's some flat stuff I got too. I love the custom keychain because it's his zukan! One of my favorite figures. *^*

Finally, because of all the hype I finally made the decision to add another bookcase to my collection wall. I was pretty hesitant (I have been using just the 2 for a while now and I started to get a little panicy when my collection spilled over these two) but I knew I would need room for all of Groudon's new merch (which i hope is a lot!) so i decided to just get a 3 shelf one instead. ;u;

click here or the pic to see big

This is my set up now, I moved groudon to the right side and stuff on the smaller bookcase is only in a temporary position (mostly) until i get new stuff. I also plan to get another cork board to hang up my pokedoll charms.

Aaand that's all for today!
I have my wants list here: here if you have anything of Pokemon that I collect (even not pictured) please please pleeease let me know!
I am also looking for people who do sculptures! I'd like to have some Groudons/Primal Groudons made. I am also looking for someone who would be able to make a Sylveon pokedoll figure in the same size/style as the eeveelution pokedoll figure set. I can explain in more detail for those who might be able to do this. xD
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