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Collection Update!

Helloooo comm!
It feels like it's been YEARS since I was on here!
During my absence, I missed my 1 year anniversary being on Pkmncollectors D:
I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Ever since joining, I've become more comfortable with sharing my love for Pokemon :) I look forward to another year being with you guys ^_^

Over the past few months, I've moved and with school and work, unpacking has been....impossible. I missed my plushies terribly so I finally unpacked them and displayed them in a different way!

Before I get into my Japan package stuff, I recently went to a con and I saw this lil cutie hiding behind some random figures!

I've been ordering a BUNCH of stuff from Japan and it's been so hard on my wallet T_T, and I finally received my Pokemon Time Dragonite!

I'll show my Pitapoke single sets, but I'll show more of a detailed photo when I finish my figure collection!

I had originally bought two boxes of Rising Fist in an attempt to pull a FA Dragonite EX, but I got two Dragonite Ex cards instead so I bought two more boxes! =3 (I've have TONS of extras, both commons, uncommons and EXs also, fyi ;P)
Aannnnnnnnnd, lucky me, I got him! =D

A while ago, I had a custom Dragonite Pokemon Time plush made(before they released him in this latest promo) and now I can finally set them up together! While I love them both, I think my custom one is much cuter ^_^

I have such an adorable lil Dragonite family! ♥ ♥ ♥

Before I show my new display, here's my plush collection all together! (I'm missing a Mew that talks and moves, and a very old Hasbro Pika)

Here's the bottom shelf!

The middle!

And the top of my plush shelf!

And here is where my bigger plushies are!

I love how my Victini is a total creeper, hiding behind Dragonite Castle XD

And I love how Dragonite looks like she's guarding the castle =D

And finally, here's my Pokemon section in my room!

So many new plushies I can't go over them all at once :')
And I have tons of new figures, but I'll post them once I'm done setting them up XD
I'm so glad to have time to be on here more! =D

Until next time....~♥
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