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Sales update!

Long time no updates! But yeah finally got the motivation because I gotta save up for ORAS >w<\
Added new items down below (most are MIP!), including Mega Evolution straps, rare MTR beanies (that were only released in HK I think), squishy toys and Screen cleaners! Also lowered the price of almost everything else in the shop @u@/

Click on the previews above or here to the sales post \>w</

I ship from Hong Kong (no worries, our post offices aren't being attecked by mobs yet -w-) so the shipping cost+fees usually starts at around $2.5-3 for small purchases! (There has been a fee increase around the post office and paypal >w>) I can't ship too speedy because the post office is almost always closed when I'm off from work, but then I will always try to ship items within 1-2 weeks >w<
Please allow around 2-3 weeks' time for the items to reach your place if you aren't living in somewhere near Asia!

Also a quick question, does anyone here uses storenvy and have good ideas on how to set up the shipping fee there for mixed purchases? I have been thinking about moving my sales post there, but then the postage rate here sorta have a base price for each postage, and I have no idea how to add that in storenvy @u@\

Tags: ampharos, charizard, chespin, cobalion, dedenne, eevee, fennekin, froakie, garchomp, gardevoir, lucario, mewtwo, pikachu, poliwhirl, sales, snivy, squirtle, terrakion, virizion
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