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Auction reminder!

Just a reminder for the Pokedoll lot - most of the bids are still relatively low :D

Highest Offers:

Umbreon - Claimed! ($30, me)
Latias Pokedoll - $25, zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - $15, kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - $14, ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - $35, resilientspider
Tentacool - $15, zachary_sparkle
Oddish - $15, chrissii
Turtwig - $5, zachary_sparkle

If you're going to bid, please do it in the original post - thanks!

Oh yeah! Does anyone know anything about a sort of "lunchbox" that used to contain gum? I have a Lugia one, but I haven't seen any more since they were sold around the time of G/S. It's maybe 4 inches across... If it helps, I can take a picture of it later, but I'm at school right now.

I was wondering how much they're worth, and what others are in the series. Thanks a bunch~
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