Kenna (ivyaggron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Well hey who's that kid with sales puns

Hey community goers! It seems that I am a few monies short of being able to buy the new poke center Rayquaza plush, so a sales post it is! (Also gotta save for the possible Rayquaza and Aggron coming out ouo; The next few months might be a struggle)

Click on that attractive pun banner or here and be whisked away on a magical ride

Oh and did you hear that a certain sideburn icetable got new merch

He dID <3

photo_1 (4)
The new dice that came out last month gave my babe a thing <3 Not much but hey I'll take what I can get, (Kid figures should get with the program soon, I want my ice chunks yo) at least they can have their own corner now!

Anywho, that's all for today! Going to do a re-intro for my comm anniversary in November, so that's gonna happen~ (Can't believe it'll be four years, can I tell kids to get off my lawn) Thanks guys and have a sweet weekend!
Tags: avalugg
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