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Collection Site!

Hey everybody, long time no post! I've been lurking around to comment and buy things of course, but I have not officially posted in a while!

I suppose a sort of re-introduction is in order! My username here is FlammableLizard, but most people know me as PineappleTart on other sites. My main collection is Charizard, but I have a wide variety of Pokémon that I love to collect as side collections! I have been a member of this community since October 2011 and have been collecting Pokémon things since its early days in the US.

Hopefully I can post a more proper collection update in the near future, but for now I really wanted to share my collection site with you all! I published it in August after working on it for most of the summer and I've slowly been updating it with more things as time goes on! I think its development right now makes it pretty fun to look at, so I figured I'd post the progress I've made! Most of my main Charizard shelf is uploaded on there, but I am certainly not done by a long shot haha. Every page does have something on it though!

Please click this banner to be transported!

I also need my Links page to be filled with you guys' awesome collection sites, so please comment if any of you want to exchange links and buttons!

Thanks for reading especially when you could be playing Smash! Please don't hesitate to tell me of any bugs or weirdness you may see on the site haha. I hope you all are having a great October so far!
Tags: charizard, collection
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