Captain B.F. Archimer (archimer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Captain B.F. Archimer

I got mail! And a plush restoration question.

PacificPikachu! I got your package in the mail today. Thank you very much for the wicked fast ship out!

I have a question about 'loved' plush fur-- I have a plush that is a little snarly, but it really doesn't look too 'far gone' to bring back to a softer state. It's made of the Pokédoll-type material; the fibers are really short and almost like fleece. I think washing it in a pillow case might bring it a long way, but I also would like to consider brushing it with a really fine-toothed hairbrush of some sort. Is it worth a try? Does anybody have any experience with softening up older plush material?
Tags: info
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