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Spending Money Time!

Instead of posting my wants list, buying random stuff from my wants list or from random auctions, I'm going to search for particular items. I'll give it a day or so to see if I get any replies/offers and if not I'll probably just go buy a bunch of stuff from people's sales threads, or order it elsewhere. I want to buy stuff, but want to see if I can get the things I really want before buying other things I would like.

I don't know what certain things go for price wise, so please don't be offended if you have something I'm looking for and I go "lskdjgalskdjg holy crap sorry too much!" That's just me not knowing and having to rethink how much I want it.

Main thing I'm after:
Suicune PokeCenter Plush w/ Tags

I will buy this over anything else listed here. I want one really bad. A legit one. Tag can have creases or bends, I just want a tag with it. Rips and/or missing pieces might be a bit much. If I don't get any offers here, I might just go to Amazon/Ebay and buy straight from a Japanese seller and wait the month-ish it takes to get it.

Other items I'm after:
Suicune TFG Figure w/ Base
Suicune Cell Phone Strap
Suicune Zukan
Suicune Clipping Figure
Suicune KeshiPoke (Roar)
Suicune KeshiPoke (Jump)
Suicune MonColle PLUS
Suicune ChouGet
Suicune Chupa

I also got my Mega Lucario TCG figure in the mail today. USPS screwed up while shipping it and sent it to the wrong facility yesterday, so I didn't get it when I should have. I love it. The TCG figures are such great quality in a little figure. I had seen it earlier in the week in person at a card store that had the collection box on sale, then I went home and HAD to find one online. Bought one on Ebay for 8.95$ with free shipping.

Pics under the cut.
Pardon the baindaid(s). Took a chunk off my finger with a litter box at work today (don't ask how, I'm still unsure how)... and got bit by a cat. Not the best day at work. ~_~

 photo MegaLucarioTCGFront_zps6d6e3b4d.jpg photo MegaLucarioTCGButt_zps913bb2fa.jpg photo MegaLucarioTCG02_zps1214c436.jpg photo MegaLucarioTCG01_zps05772e16.jpg
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