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I need this off my want list! Please help!

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Ever since the Diancie movie came out in the summer I've been looking nonstop for these battle strike wheel 711 blind toys. They were sold at 711 during the movie. BUT! for some reason they are so hard to find. I've checked everywhere constantly on the hunt but can never find a case let alone any from the set. After going though multiple people and middlemen I found someone who got me 7 blind pokeballs. I was hoping and praying a Hawlucha would be in there. It cost me a bit for the middleman to pick these up and there are 12 in total and they got me 7 so I thought I had a "fair" chance of finding my lucha bird.

Unfortunately for me.....no bird..... AUGH!!! What a punch in the face!
I come to the community hoping someone has a Hawlucha they would like to trade? Here's my pulls. These are soooo rare so hopefully someone who collects these will want to trade. If no one can trade will someone please help me find a case? Any leads to get a hold of more of these? Or just the Hawlucha piece. ;A; I would really love to get this off my want list.

Please check my want page for all other Hawlucha and Sylveon items.

[Click the image to be transported]

Any help would be appreciated!
Tags: aegislash, hawlucha, jirachi, manaphy, pikachu, sylveon, victini, wanted, xerneas
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