suzanneespeon (suzanneespeon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTED: Tomy figures

I'm mostly looking for these figures now:

Charmander Sugimori pose
Blastoise battle pose
Clear Mew
Sleeping Pikachu's
Shiny Noctowl (HOLY GRAIL)
Clear Treecko
Clear Torchic
Clear Suicune
Pearly Lugia
Clear Lugia
Kirlia (I just need the stand, but I will buy the complete figure if you have it)
Clear Kyogre with sparkles
Clear Rayquaza
Clear Latios with stand
Sleeping Pachirisu
Clear sleeping Pachirisu
Darkrai battle pose (I think I already have the stand, so I only need the figure)

I still need more figures. So if you have any other clear/pearly/metallic or alternative pose figures or maybe sleeping pokemon for sale, PLEASE let me know :D

We could also trade. Click here to see my latest sales post

Thanks for looking :)

Pictures are from James' collection.
Tags: wants
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