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So I finally got around to getting an embroidering machine!
I am waiting on colored threads and some stabilizers then I will fiddle with it more
So what does this mean for commisisons?

So this means that I would like to use it on some current commissions.
I currently have 2 I am working on but I can only embroider 1 with the machine, due to progress of the plushies.

If you currently have a commisison I am working on keep an eye out for updates ;) I am finally done with my extern and have this whole week off practically! So I should be done with both of them near next week :)

Also a reminder that there is still time to enter my Halloween contest:

Now to keep this journal on track here are some new gets!


First up is the new Pokemon Center Pumpkaboo

This plush is in my opinion the best plush of Pumpkaboo made so far.
The plush and artwork match exactly
It is all minky fabric!!
and the curl is 3D not just a line sewn into it.
It is also a plain generc pose, which I think is great XD (I'm lame like that)

I still love the size of the big plush
and the small MPC plush is just freaking adorable
and the one with the bowtie, well BOWTIE!


Next up is the new Pokemon Center Rayquaza

Okay this plush is just super amazing!!
I didn't know it was posable when I ordered it, but I knew when it was on it's way.
When it arrived I expected wire or something, but NO!! It has a freaking tripod snake thing in it 8O

Like this:

That just blew my mind! Especially for the price of the plush <3
The joints on the shoulders and fingers are sew flat to allow for movement  (Which I think it actually brilliant!)
I have fun flopping around his arms with my fingers XD
His yellow marks are embroidered and NOT plastic (that's a plush in my book)
then his proportions are just ahhh <3

the only think I would be careful about with this plush, is caring for his red and green fins.
They are red felt with green plastic.
I'm not too worried about the plastic but more the felt.
The red is so vivid and will attract dirt and pilling on the edges real quick!
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