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Formally killerjaw01

Group Auction Kids, Flippos question; and other rambles...

Pokemon Kids Group Auction
According to the seller these are approx 3" tall- I have measured 3" and this is larger than a standard Kid- this is Jumbo Kid size according to Lineaalba the only one that looks Jumbo is Articuno- will measure these once received against my Kids. The only one I want is Raichu.
I will be buying these at a BIN price so the price would be $6 a kid SHIPPED WORLDWIDE from UK (Kids don't weigh much but UK to worldwide is about $4 for anything under 100g).
I will not ask for money until I have the figures in hand- but they should be here soon as it's from the UK.
I ship worldwide
I accept Paypal (and other methods from UK only)
My posting days are Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays
1st come 1st served.
Again $6 shipped worldwide per Kid

Raichu: killerjaw01
Pachirisu: Zachary_Sparkle
Roselia: Shiny_Vulpix
Butterfree: myc
Abra: paddlefoot_wolf

Pokemon Flippos- group auction anyone?

Apparently they are metal Tazos/coins with Pokemon on them- from Poland (the seller is in Netherlands though).
I'm only interested in Raichu- would anyone be interested in the others if I were to do a group auction?
There are 48 available after Raichu and it would be $0.73 each before s/h from the UK so I estimate the total to be $3 a coin shipped.
If there is a good enough response I will organise a group auction.
Interests so far- 1

Cool things on eBay: While browsing through eBay I found a holo lvX Skymin card. I love the expression: "Is something on my nose...?"
Expensive though- maybe I'll wait a while... and a cool 1st gen Eeeveelutions card

This was also another cool thing on eBay:

I was sorely tempted- but stopped for a few reasons:
1. Money (though it was cheap for what it is- that's not the point!)
2. Space (lol!)
3. Just bought some cool cards etc- so?
4. Looking at organising group auctions....
5. Worried about customs costs...
6. It was the 16" version. I would want the 24" version, yes the biggest mhwa!!! (I measured 16" against my Lucario and decided it would look ridiculous - Skymin is 20" for Aresus sake!)

But yeah even with all those reasons I'm still kicking myself...
But I'm expecting some cool Movie 10 items & a nice Raichu card soon...

Anyone else have to exert control on their Pokecollecting?


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