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Laura! ♫

Some gets including another custom plush, and a small want!

Hey collectors!

Just showing off a couple of gets today, including a custom plush to add to my main collection. ;u;

Here she is! My PokeTime style shiny Helioptile by glacidea</lj>! There's a pic of her with my PokeTime Charizard for comparison, they're so cute

She's my fourth custom plush by Tuesday, the image on the left shows all of them from her, and the one on the right is all of my custom Helios together - as you can see this was my first Helioptile, I love them all!

I also purchased a few other things recently including Greninja line TOMY set and Japanese Noivern TOMY, Inkay With You badge, and some gorgeous prints from artists at J-Con this year, as well as the mini Halloween Pumpkaboo plush and Helioptile PitaPoke that have yet to arrive - but a couple of items that I particularly wanted to show are these:

Substitute pin! I won this little guy in one of happyjolteon</lj>'s auctions. The picture on the left is how it's displayed in my collection and the one on the right is from my Instagram. I love all of the designs from this promotion but golden subby here won me over enough to try and get some pins for myself - I'm thinking about looking for Charizard, Greninja and Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres as well.

Last but not least, the gorgeous new shiny Mega Gengar EX promo card. I got this guy new and sealed for a decent price on eBay and it's so vibrant and lovely - definitely worth getting if you're into card collecting as well as merchandise. ;v;

Also on the topic of TCG, if you have this card and are willing to sell/trade it, or know somewhere I can get it at a reasonable price, let me know!

While I'm posting, I'll show you one of my charms I made that I'd forgotten to photograph in the new style I've been using. Goomy hopes you've had a good weekend!

Thanks for looking!
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