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I JUST got a much anticipated package from Japan courtesy of a trade withaftertheheaven!

TOMY figures of Starly, Staravia, and Floatzel! (I think I now have all of the existing figures of Floatzel, except for the clear kid which I don't want anyways!) Plus, a Quilava sticker from Gin- something I've seen on Yahoo!Japan ALL THE TIME yet could never justify the deputy fees for~ You both ROCK! \o/ (And the Lady stationery? CUTEST EVER. ;-; Japan has so much adorable Disney stuff~)

BUT WAIT, there's something else in that yellow PokeCenter bag!

I've been eyeing this bugger ever since its picture was shown on AAPF. Such an adorable pose, and I've never owned a clipping figure prior to this so the detail and quality really surprised me (in a good way!). ♥ Oh man, I'm so happy to now display it along with the rest of my Mukkufamily! ^v^

my shelves are so dustyyyy D;

A big THANK YOU to Saru for this adorable figure- and the overall trade! ♥

Collection update soon! :D
Tags: figures, floatzel, quilava, staravia, starly
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