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Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'

Pkmncollectors Modpost

I know it hasn't been that long since we've had one of these but I would like to reiterate a few points to all of you lovely members!

Please use the RAP post!
I can not stress this enough, use, use, use this post. Sometimes we may not get back to you as quickly as we'd like but it at least gives us an idea of what's going on and can put a date on something. Do not wait until a Paypal dispute needs to be opened to report a problem to us. The mods have been trying our best to get to you in a timely manner but real life happens. If it's been a few days and the matter is pressing please comment again. This is probably a better way to get in touch with us, as all of our mod team will see it.

Paypal disputes are a Last Resort!
A Paypal dispute is not to be taken lightly. Please only use this if the 45 day rule is approaching and you are not in contact with your seller or you have not received your items and proof of shipping has not been given to you. A dispute will freeze the account of the person and should only be used as a very last resort when trying to solve issues.

Bootlegs should not be the main focus of your post!
If the contents of your post is solely about a bootleg you've acquired (not asking about them but showing off) it will be deleted. You are welcome to have them in your collection or show pictures of them along with other updates, but if it's solely about just that then it will be deleted asap.

Youtube videos behind cuts!
It's been brought up that for some members youtube videos outside of cuts are slowing the main page waaayyyyy down. This has not become an official rule but as a courtesy to us members with slower internet we ask that you please put your videos behind a cut!

Please keep all ORAS information in the designated threads or the FFAF post!
With ORAS coming in about a month I know we are all excited, but some people are trying to stay as spoiler free as possible. Also any news that is not merchandise related is off topic and will be deleted! Please wait for a moderator to post about any major announcements. If it's been a day since the announcement and no thread is up, send me a message and I'll get it up asap!

Also a little teaser for the projects we're working on! Member Shop Master List reworked, new ORAS spreadsheet, a Convention List and hopefully some fun contests for the holidays.
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