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Hi all!!

Sooo happy i got accepted into the community :D Very new to this so i hope the pictures are within the limits, please let me know if they arent...

I will make a wants post later on, but here is my current collection (: although some might be missing as im mainly going off memory (:

I first started my pokemon collection in 1998 when my mum brought home a Hasbro bean pikachu... in my lifetime (I am now 19) i have owned 4 of these gorgeous plushies which is a long story :D

Raichus <3

My first ever raichu, was actually what i assume to be the top off of a Raichu '151 stamp' produced by Gachapon! Followed by the pokemon pizza hut tazo square thing....*rants*
I'll list them now...kay...
-Hasbro Bean Plush Raichu (1998)
-'12Inch' Bootleg raichu
-Fuzzy DX Raichu
-Taffeta Raichu
-2 types of the Raichu 'Pokedoll' With questionable legitimacy.
-Raichu/Pokeball Reverse plush (1998)
-Pizza Hut Puzzle cube Raichu tazo (Gyrados, Charizard, Psyduck, Golduck, kanghaskhan)
-Raichu '151 Stamp' Figure Gachapon
-Moncolle Raichu figure (japan)
-Tom Raichu line 3 pack (australian)
-'Australian Raichu' Bootleg?
-Raichu kid figure
-Raichu Coinbank (1998)
-Lots of different cards
-Custom Raichu plush 24inch
-Custom Raichu Hoody


Hopefully more to be joining the rat pack soon!!

Tyranitar Line!!
Well we all know how rare Tyranitar goods can be!! well i certainly do.... This part of my collection is one of the newly budding i havent been able to collect as much as i would like to up until now!

-Tyranitar kid, Dancing (2007)
-Tyranitar kid (2001)
-Pupitar kid (2001)
-Larvitar kid (2008)
-Tyranitar plush of the '12inch' Variety. The only known bootleg plush of Tyranitar. And the only plush other than the Tomy Heartlands ( I will kill for that giant beast)
-11inch Mcdonalds Vibrating Larvitar (2001?)
-Tomy Larvitar Plush (HTF?- Still waiting for it to arrive)
-Tomy Stick Larvitar plush <3 (still waiting for him <3)
-Tyranitar Best wishes monster collection figure?
-Tyranitar Next Quest TFG Figure
-Tyranitar coin
-'12inch' Larvitar plush

If anyone has a 2001 UFO Smiling would be very happy to throw all my money at you..just saying...

Moving on....

Ampharos and Dragonite!

Decided to group these two as there isnt much yet... like i stated above.... silly not being able to collect things!! hsgjghsldkf

-Mega Ampharos plush!
-'12inch' Ampharos bootleg
-Big headed ampharos suspected bootleg plush
-Petit ampharos plush <3
-Flaaffy figure
-Mareep figure
-24inch Dragonite Cuddle plush (Play by Play)
-Bootleg 7inch dragonite and dragonair (the result of retail therapy)
-Tiny little dragonite idea where he is from....


Yeah not much so far but.. there will be O.O


- Game boy carrier Pikachu bag
-Talking/light up pikachu
-Small vibrating pikachu
-Hasbro bean plush Pikachu
-I love Pikachu set of 4
-Bootleg Pikachu/pokeball plush
-Pikachu X/Y plush
-Pikachu coin back (1998)
-Mcdonalds walking Pichu
-Yujin Bobble head Pichu
-Bootleg Pikachu plush i found at an opp shop
-10th Anniversary Plush
-Tomy Peace sign Pikachu Figure
-weird looking pikachu figure from 2004
-1999 Pikachu figure... not sure where from
-Best wishes Pokemon the Movie -15th anniversary figure set (Pikachu,Meolotta both forms, Snivy, oshawatt, Piplup,
Klado both forms)
-Pikachu Drink bottle (1998)
-Pikachu keyring
-Pikachu Hoody

-Koffing 1998 bean plush
-Geodude Bean plush, shiny eyes (1998)
-Ivysaur Plush, shiny bulb (1998)
-Mewtwo Plush (1998)
-12inch Haunter Bootleg
-12inch charmander bootleg
-12inch aerodactyl bootleg
-Large Pokecentre Yveltal plush
-Canvas Bulbasaur,Charmandar,Squirtle plush
-Sneasle plush (Jakks Pacific, Diamond and Pearl)
-Sleeping Cyndaquil plush
-Cyndaquil awake plush
-Talking Shinx Jakks?
-Talking Bidoof Jakks?
-Lickatung/Pokeball plush
-Small shinx plush
-banpresto Zekrom
-Sitting I love eevee set
-Standing I love eevee set
-2 sets of eeveelution pokedolls but i think some are bootlegs...
-Latios plush
-Tomy Pikachu and Yveltal Vynal Figures Series 1
-Tomy Black Kyurem Figure Series 1
-Tomy Zekrom Figure series 1
-Tomy Pokedex trainer kit - Axew
-Pokemon Elite trainer box Lugia version
-Pokemon Elite trainer box Yveltal version
-Pokemon 2000 Millenium badge set Pocketmonsters
-Black/White Kyurem DS Bag.
-Diamond/Pearl Ds case (Palkia/Dialga)
-Diamond/Pearl stylus
-Pokemon X and Y Pre order pokeballs
-Black/White 2 Pre order coins
-Pokemon Zekrom/Reshiram Ds Kit
-Pokemon Back pack from Perth Royal Show
-Snivy Plush from perth royal show
-Pokemon ball game catch thing from the royal show
-Pikachu Skate board Full sized (2000? blayney show)
-12 different pokemon card tins
-2014 Mcdonalds Pokemon toys and cards
-Assorted pokemon marbles
-Lots of the Pokemon vending machine pokeballs and keyrings since 2010
-Pokemon kid figures
-Clear Weedle
-Solarbeam Venosaur
-Clear Polywrath
-other figures
-Skitty 2004
-pollywhirl 1998
-jigglypuff 1999
-wynaut 2004
-mewtwo 1999
-vulpix 1998
-beedrill tomy?
-ivysaur 1999
-squirtle 1999
-lopunny zukan
-Kyurem with stand (card box figure)
-Black Kyurem with stand (TCG Figure)
-Mewtwo with stand
-Sylveon with stand
-Deoxy with stand
-Xerneas with stand
-Squirtle from pokemon dice game
-HG/SS Pre order figures
-Little shield pokemon thing.. XD
-Large Charmeleon Figure
-Small Charmeleon figures 1999
-Charmander 1999
-Large Dialga 1/50 scale
-Sable eye from the Genosect movie
-Parasect 1999
-Electabuz 2000
-2 large yvletal vynls

Promo Items
-Black Version
-White Version
-Black 2 Version
-White 2 Version
-Pokemon: Conquest
-Mystery Dungeon: Gates to infinity
-Pokemon Y
-Pokemon X
-Large card cutout from JB Hi-Fi

-Soul silver with Pokewalker
-Pokemon X and Y
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
-Pokemon Platinum
-Pokemon Black version
-Pokemon Fire red and Leaf green
-Pokemon Ruby and Saphire

-2 random Black and white series Drink bottles
-Pokemon Black and white series Camera bag found at opp shop
-Pokemon show bags
-Bag from Pokecenter Tokyo
-Genesect pin
-50394857367398729387234234 cards XD
-Pokemon Platinum Official Pokedex
-Black and white 2 limited guide
-Pokemon black and white 2 Guide vol 2
-90% of the TCG badges (:
-Bulk little mini bootleg figures off of ebay
-Pokemon the first movie VHS
-Pokemon electric shock episode VHS
-Pokemon DP Galactic battles box set
-Pokemon Black and white box set
-Pokemon Black and white movies Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom
-Pokemon Kanto box set/pokedex

well there we go.. will update the list as things arrive!!!
Not even going to go into my other collections at the moment.
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