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Collection update, gets, and small wants :)

Hello everyone! I've been super busy over the past couple weeks (I GOT A NEW JOB FJKLSJD:FD more money for pokemonz) and finally have the time to post a collection update :) I think all of my recent posts were either sales or GA related posts so its time for a change of pace :)

I apologize in advance, this is super image heavy :>

I recently just got a new job in which I'll have to take the metro daily. So I'm looking for a pass/card holder! I know of the new one coming out in the next Little Tales promo also. I just want to see what other pass cases exist and if anyone has one for sale ^^ My only requirement is that it's either a plush case or cute/girly :)

The following list I kno exist but I don't want:
-Fennekin plush pouch
-Sylveon plush pouch (cute but I'm never going to be able get one xD)
-I<3 PIkachu Raichu, Pikachu, and Pichu pouches
-Espurr wanted promo pass case
-Pokemon/Trainer campaign pass case
-None of the plastic-y looking coin purses with generic pictures of pokemon printed on them

image from evilashi

Small pouch like this is good too ^^

Piplup! :)

I don't really like him but I think this is just too funny xD

Also if you happen to know anyone who can make custom passes (zipper + clear pouch for pass) let me know :D And as always I'm always on the lookout for anything Noivern/Noibat that I don't own and I'm open to all sorts of customs :>

First up!

I got my super adorable derpy Noivern by bubble_rhapsody and Noibat beanie from FollyLolly! Their both super adorable T_T I love them sooooooo much!


AHHHHHHHH POKEMON TIME CHARIZARD VINYL. T_____________T I saw him on ebay and regretted not getting him when I had the chance and when I saw it pop up while browsing Noppin I immediately BIN'd. And i'm sooooo glad I did! he's a lot bigger than I imagined which was great for me >:3 he's so derpy and cute and giant and ;_____; mineee

And now onto other exciting gets (but not as keyboard smashing worthy)

Soccorchu and Pilotchu! Admit it. Everyone has a soft spot somewhere for Pikachu. Pikachu's jersey is just too cute >3< The pilotchu is smaller than I imagined but it's still adorable nonetheless

Got my package in from happycosmos rair stairs GA. I got it after I decided to weed out eeveelutions from my collection tho so this little Leafeon will proabably pop up in my next sales post qq

Eevee Korotto manmaru and Litwick plush! I think it's from the I <3 Gothic line looking at its colors but I can't remember off the top of my head if he is or not xD and mini Piplup and Oshawott pokedolls! I didn't know oshawott had one qq it's so cute! I also got a Piplup MIB from another GA after I received this one xD

Items from splash! The Charizard pen holder is really cool *_* it actually works as a pen holder and as a standalone figure it's awesome too!

So many Pikachu pokedolls. All received within the same time period omg. 3 regular and 2 mini! One regular is minky (far right) I have also developed a high dislike for velboa ._. It just doesn't feel good in my hands and it bothers me now more than it ever did before. weird

I think I have fallen into the Pokedoll collecting trap.

I just got a second Piplup pokedoll and I thought it would be interesting to show a comparison of the two. They are both made from minky and the one on the left is the Japanese 2007 release and the one on the right is an American release of the same year. I think it's interesting that the American one is made of a longer minky when I think American releases are usually of a crappier material (hello velboa)

Same old desk. No mo Sylveons tho
Bat plush pile! (please excse the horribly bright lighting)
Pokemon time vinyl Charizard joins the famiree ^^ he's bigger than a pokedoll! I thought he would've been smaller for sure o-o
I had to make space on my shelf (too many noiverns) and mega Charizard X ended up leaving the shelf and migrating the the cube over.
New set up! (actually old set up but theres no more eeveelutions and this cabinet thing is propped up onto a side table) Here Bahamut my giant Noivern overlooks the rest of my bat dragons :) (theres a bootie espeon sitting on top of his tail to make sure he doesn't fall to his death) And new Pikachu pokedoll box! I plan to fill this box with all Pika-dolls :> I want a DXchu

Mini celebi and keldeo pokedolls from kephisos!

New bookcase! Moved my Sylveons and eevees into here along with my eeveelutions. I'm weeding my eeveelutions out in sales but until they find a new home they will continue to be on display here haha (partly due to me being too lazy to clear the shelf)
Most of the Axews are new gets ^^
All the candle plush are new gets :>
Zukans and assortment of Pika-kids :>
Annnddd finally my headboard plush :> hello chu-family

Thanks for looking <3    
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