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Collection Update

I wasn't expecting all my packages to come in today, but low and behold it happened ^_^ I'm so ecstatic to finally own these guys as they add onto both my starters collection and my Togepi line :D So welcome my new Takara Tomy Turtwig, Friends Togepi, Togekiss kid and Togekiss Jakks. I really have to thank users poliwhirl and kyogres
2014-10-06 12.29.03 (ignore my frog lap photobombing in the back)

But I'm even more excited to have the Jakks line completed for these two. I mean how can you not love them? <3 I just wish Togetic got some love because then I'd really be satisfied.
2014-10-06 12.30.23

2014-10-06 12.43.03
Everyone can no longer fit on my desk anymore (sheds tear) And again, this isn't my complete collection since I'm at college so there's still some guys you haven't seen yet since they're at home. But nonetheless, the collection is growing ^_^ and it's going to continue to grow as I plan on buying the Kanto plushes in the next coming month and I'm sure we'll get the Hoenn starters in the US soon as well so they'd also be added :D so really my troubles are going to be with locating a Chimchar and the rest of the Johto line....but at least the starters are almost done so then I can just focus on the Togepi line
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