Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first (proper) collection update!

Yesterday the last of the things I bought last month arrived so I thought I would try my had at a collection update! My camera's alright but it's not helped by my crappy photography skills, plus I only just found the macro button -_-;;


Here we have the 4 kids I bought from randomflavor! Swinub is the only Pokemon on my table that isn't a grass type but I can't resist those non-eyes :D It's my first piece of Breloom merch aswell, I have a Breloom in my party on Diamond so I've grown to love it.

Two Bellossom keychains from phoenixfoxx! The one on the left is clear and the one on the right looks just like the Tomy figure.

This is the PokeBall on top of the clear Bellossom keychain, does anyone know what PokeBall it is? I don't know where to find such information :)

This is a Bellossom friends plush from stargirlshine! She even included one of those stickers with it aswell (I forgot the name of them!), which was so sweet of her :D

And here we have a Sunkern/Sunflora zukan from happyjolteon! Zukans are one of my favourite pieces of Pokemon merch, I love that they're scale models and I love seeing how they vary in size compared to their evolutions ^_^

Budew/Roselia/Roserade zukan from pacificpikachu! Roselia is my 2nd favourite Pokemon evaarrr! I don't see the need for her to be practically the same size as Budew though XD Roserade looks gigantic compared!

Now these cards I bought from safari_zone which I believe is run by miss_fuu_chan and andyboyh! I only bought the Roserade, Bellossom and Sunflora cards but they suprised me by putting Roserade in one of them card sleeves and then including extra cards! I think they might have figured out I like grass Pokemon XD

Here we have a Bellossom Banpresto plush! I've always been hesitant about getting this because I was never sure if it was legit or not, the holding maraccas thing threw me! My friend Ryan from college bought me this for my birthday, I shouted at him for it lol, he could have just got me a DVD or something!

I love the little pictures, stickers and message cards people put in with the post aswell, they're so sweet!

I'm not sure who I've left feedback for and who I haven't but if you'd like me to don't hesitate to ask and I will :D

Thanks for looking! ^_^
Tags: bellossom, breloom, budew, cards, collection, kids, plush, roselia, roserade, sunflora, sunkern, vileplume, zukan
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