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Its about time I made an introduction post!! My name is Wednesday (like I was born on a Wednesday and named after the day so like if you were speaking German i would be Mittwock!).

I've been collecting pretty much all my life; stuff like shiny paper and marbles, books, here and there stuff and I've been collecting Pokemon like whatever catches my eye! But I'm moving soon and now that I'm adult-y, I've decided to mature my collecting skills up!

I decided that I'm collecting meowths! Deciding was REALLy hard cause I love sooo many newer Pokemon but meowth was always my first fave and it ticks off so many of what I wanted in a pkmn collection like its first gen so it has a lot of wonky weird merch, its first gen so its included in a lot of celebration series, its in the anime so it has toooons of unique items but unlike pikachu the amount of items aren't overwhelming but because it is a semi-mascot it'll continue to get items! It has things in my fave merch series plus i absolutely love beckoning cats! Anyway I'll post up my collection stuff soon! Until then enjoy this meowth!


To celebrate my collection goals I'm starting a 100 meowth series! (I also collect furbies and ill probs extend my collection to other pkmn i like but you know main cat!! top cat!)
Tags: introductions, meowth
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