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Hello Friends I am Here [Sylveon Collection Update]

HELLO EVERYONE, another long time no post geeeez, I need to stop doing that. I have been very sick lately actually so I haven't been up to updating or doing much so that's my excuse. I'm actually sick right now haha but I was bored and instead of laying in bed I decided to finally update my Collection Site ! I got a lot of nice goodies from late August til now so let's get to it ~

Okay so truthfully, I wanted to post this update today because I am actually getting A SUPER HUUUUGE BOX VERY SOON and I'm literally shaking thinking about it everyday. And I know I won't be able to put these last gets with those gets all together it would just take too long to update and I will hate myself.

But anyway !! These are all the things I haven't shared yet. I wanna give a shout out to hebilea for some of the things <3 I did an art commission for her a while back and she got me some lovely things in return, thank you hun <33

I got one of those limited edition postcards finally, I think the first time I saw that online it went over $100?? Thankfully I managed to get one for way way less. I ALSO GOT THE SECOND PORCH BAG.

I wanna give a funny story though. I had bid on that bag and a couple days after it I was actually admitted to the hospital. One of my BFFs actually kept an eye on the auction and bid and won the bag for me <33 So I have her to thank for it !

Also finally got that alternate tagged Sylveon TOMY plush ! Plus the face clips, Bottle bag, etc etc.

Some more random things and a large sized Eeveelu Pan Bag, very lucky get I didn't even know existed.

Some movie clearfiles and UNO card !

Yessss, my first real Sylveon related poster, it's so hard to take a good photo of it since it's so long. (I still need to take a proper one for my site) And I picked up one of the backpacks finally. I still need the other one. Also, I haven't mentioned the long ribbons and bows towel but I absolutely LOVE that towel, it's so long and pretty just aaahhh, I love staring at it.

My site has now all been updated with the new things <3 Please check it out and take a look at my Wants <33

Also to end this post, I drew this pixel the other day <3

I only used colors from the RB sprites, I think it turned out pretty cute c: I don't mind if people feel like using it, but you must credit my tumblr

And that's it from me <3 I hope you guys are having a good Monday ! My next update post like I said is going to be BIG AND EXCITING. And with the next update I will break over 300 Sylveon items, I'm super stoked <333 But for now I'm gonna go now and take some more icky cough medicine eugh eugh.

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