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New gets :D

Hello community! I'm here today just to show you some gets I got these weeks *^* I have a lot of packages shipped from Japan but they'll take some weeks to arrive :'(  You can see all of them under this cut!

Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y TCG figures arrived today from ebay! They are really awesome figure and even the fire is translucent! Pretty cheap figures and very well done!
Mightyena TOMY from yahoo. I'm a huge Poochyena collector but I didn't expect to get this Mightyena since I know IT'S EXPENSIVE, however I got a nice deal ^^ I hope we'll get more Poochyena line items with the remake!

ss (2014-10-07 at 07.40.58)

Kids, kids, kids!! Some of these kids we kept from the last packages (that's why I'm selling so many xD) The first photo are from my boyfriend (I want a Tyrunt too! D:) and the second photo are mine. I have all the regular Piplup kids I think xD My favorite one is angry Larvitar!!

MORE LUGIAS of my boyfriend. This time was the regular UFO.
POLITOED POKEMON TIME NOTEBOOK AND VULPIX POKEMON TIME STRAP!!!! *FANGIRLING* I got some time ago the jack plug Vulpix PT since it's cheaper than the strap however I got this for a fair price so I bought it too! I love the Pokemon Time series but I only have 6 straps xD
Indeed... Now I have TWO Politoed straps, TWO Politoed notebooks and TWO Politoed pens because I won ALL THESE on a lot on yahoo! A lot with SO MANY POLITOED POKEMON TIME!!! AND CHEAP!!! I WAS LIKE CRAZY WITH THE STRAP AND NOW I HAVE TWO!!!!

Poochyena and Mightyena VS cards (I still have some others for sale).
Clearfiles!! Electric clearfile, Petit Kanto clearfile and Water clearfile! I wanted the first one for the Luxay and Ampharos lines (Shinx is super happy!) <333333 and the last one because POLITOED!
As usual,I have a lot of items on my store so if you want to check, be free to make offers! I want all of them gone ^^ Or if you're interested on art commissions or you're selling something I'm searching for, let me know!!! Thank you very much :3

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