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Large as Life Get!

Hi everyone!  I haven't been posting much recently due to school stuff, but I wanted to share an awesome box of stuff I got from allinia's pickups. (This is pretty image heavy!)

A nice blue bag is inside!

I spy...


AHHHH YESSS!  I'd been hoping so much that Pokecen would release lifesize Hoenn starters for ORAS, and they came through brilliantly!  I only had room for Treecko though I may make room for a Torchic but he is absolutely perfect.  So soft, so cute, not even a little derpy looking.

I also finally got all of the Sceptile Pokemon Time stuff that came out this summer.  Here are the notebook and hand towel.

Here's the inside of the notebook.  The other side of the page has a Blaziken on it.

Front and back of the clearfile, plus the figure strap.  The back of the clearfile has a very pretty design!

Added bonus was this beautiful bag, which I had trouble taking a good picture of.

I also took lots of extra shots of my 1:1 Treecko, for anyone interested!

Side view.  Also: he does fall over if you don't arrange him properly, but it wasn't too hard to get him to sit up.


Hang tag.  I don't really understand why this pose is used so often for Treecko...


Hands!  All told, he has the best done feet and hands of any Treecko plush that I know of.

Cute face!

Size comparison with a Pokedoll... and with me.  He's really big!

Thanks for reading everybody, and happy collecting!
Tags: sceptile, treecko, xerneas, yveltal
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