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Introduction and Collection post!

Hey there! I'm Moo, also known as ShinyScrafty. I'm usually on the drawing side of things (I've made all of my icons /o/) so hopefully I'll be able to learn things about crafting! I've been lurking this community for about two years now, but finally decided it was time to start posting here. Despite my lurking, I have little knowledge on what brand is what for Pokemon merch. Bear with me, I've got lots to learn on here.

Now, onto the collection pictures! This post is super image heavy so please be warned! (Oh lord I hope these are an okay size, please let me know if they need resizing ;__; I was having trouble figuring out the size in general and it SAYS they're like 900x900 on my computer but I don't know. They look really big...)

First, my figures! Most of these are the MonColle ones, I believe. I'm still learning about what figures are what series, so bear with me.

The Pikachu on the bottom and Kyurem were the first figures I purchased in a long time. It was on a whim, really, Kyurem's cool but definitely not a major favorite or anything xD but whatever.

Bulbasaur line is the Trainer's Choice series! My TRU only has the grass starters, it's been that way for like a year and it's super disappointing :( I want the other two Kanto lines! Maybe they'll come in at some point ; x ;

Charizard in the Pokeball is also a Trainer's Choice one; the Pokeball is awesome and I love fooling around with it B)

Ash is ... the greatest figure I've ever seen of him ;__; I love Ash, especially in X and Y, he's turning into an awesome trainer! The figure's super posable and has lots of articulation, I wasn't expecting it to be so photogenic but it's just perfect.

Next is my TCG collection and some flats! I have a Delphox and Suicune tin back there with most of my cards stuffed to the brim of the cases. In case it's hard to see, my prized EX cards are being propped up. Delphox, Reshiram, Kyurem, Plasma Luga, Plasma fullart Genesect, and fullart Kangaskhan! I also have a fullart of Lysandre, he was a welcome surprise!

Below those are my cards from the Radiant Collection. I've got like 3 of those full art Mew EX cards, hoping to trade them away whenever I get a sales permission license or whatnot.

My Leafeon and Glaceon binder has a bunch of the new cards that I really like, most of my Scraggy and Scrafty cards are in there as well. My other binder... eh, poor thing, the entire front cover has been torn off from so much use. (Does anyone know if something like that can even get repaired? Otherwise I'm gonna start hunting the same binder down in a better condition...) That binder holds most of my old TCG stuff. I just recently got a Charizard from the base set again after trading him away when I was about nine... I'm glad I have him back, even if it's not the same one T_T <3

Lots of Topps (I think?) stickers on the top of the binder, too! They're fun, I've already put one on my 3DS. They're kinda hard to see, but if you're super interested in knowing what they are, I've got the list here:

Mew, Glalie, Starmie, Tangela, Clamperl, Misdreavus, Sneasel, Zubat, Ursaring, Venonat, Gloom, Teddiursa, foily/shiny looking Poliwag, foily/shiny Mudkip, foily/shiny Parasect, Ponyta, Wurmple, Cleffa, and Hariyama

On the left is a picture book I picked up for about a dollar fifty at an antique shop, and below it is just a sort of sketchbook/notepad that a friend of mine sent me a while back.

Below those are my... I... don't know what they are? They're really cool looking, though. Anyone have any idea what they might be? I found them at another antique store (they were in that "power reserve" pack that's on the right, which I thought might've been good cards but I guess they're all supposed to be energy cards. Still, the whole thing was 25 cents and in excellent condition so I nabbed it.)

My buddy sent me a Dark Explorers card pack featuring Zoroark, and that's usually the deck that I run while playing. I never play street, so getting all those energy cards was actually a really cool thing for me! (I know you're technically not supposed to mix the cards together like that, but I don't go by the super official rules. I really want to try out for being a ref, though! I'm not sure what the process is for that but the bonuses look super cool and it sounds like lots of fun.)

Coins are Charizard Y and Totodile. I also have a Xerneas and Charizard Y pin!

Now for my McDonalds/Burger King/miscellaneous/probably bootleg toys!

The Pokepuff on the left was made by a really crafty friend of mine. I love it so much, it's so cute and I always feed it to my mega Lucario plushie (e u e). I found Meowth and Jigglypuff at another antique shop. Jigglypuff's in some bad shape, there's a lot of random paint marks on her bottom and back, and I'm not sure how to get them out. Anyone got any suggestions?

The gold card has seen better days, too, but it's just got some scuff marks on it. It's at least readable, and all three of those things were a great find for a small price, so I was happy.

Lucario, Zigzagoon, Ho-Oh, Honchkrow, and Houndour all look like bootlegs to me. Thankfully I didn't purchase them, I got them all from another friend of mine, so I'm keeping them in all of their bootied glory.

Lots of McDonalds toys in here, too. I got the Helioptile Pokeball shooter, which I thought was kinda lame at first but they turned out to be pretty fun to shoot. It's like a little rock-paper-scissors game, which is pretty neat.

In the back is my only plush that I had on hand, my Wobbuffet. Blaziken is from another antique shop, but he's missing his little fireball shooter. (Anyone know where I could get one? It seems like a weird request, and I doubt any stores would have it just laying around...)

Charizard X is a beautiful figure I got with a huge Charizard TCG pack. Going to get Y in a couple more weeks, the figures are absolutely gorgeous.

And then there's that little eraser thing |D;;

Now, these plushies that I have are all taken from Google. If you see one of your own pictures on here, please let me know and I'll take it down right away! My plushies are currently all put away for now, it's too hard to keep them all out at once. (I can just list these, too, if that's a better option? I really don't know omg please tell me if I'm doing something wrong OTL')

Both of these backpacks are super cute!

 All of my Jakks plushies. They're really soft!

This little beanie guy was from when I was a kid. He's so cute~

Apparently these guys are called play by plays. I have them, but they're not nearly as fuzzy or fluffy as the Charmander seen here. Charizard's been falling apart, so I haphazardly sewed most of him together, I'll have to show you all how bad my sewing job is when I can get the plushies out xD

Recently just got this beauty as well. He's so perfect ;__;

Both of these things that're frickin ancient :| Got these when I was around 8. I might have a Psyduck too, but I really don't remember.

So that's about it for my collection. Now, onto some of my wants!

The sleeping Lucario figure is absolutely precious, I need him so badly ; A ; <3 From what I know, this doesn't come out for a while though, but this is for me to remember it pff-

I think this is called a Kyunchara? Something like that... anyway, this Ash is so cute!! Love this guy to bits, I'd love to find him!

Mewtwo D-arts! Lordy it's expensive though, I'll need some time to save up for this gorgeous guy.

Dragonite messenger kid!

I'm currently going to be hunting for Scrafty merchandise. It's too bad he's not as popular as his prevo, it's practically impossible to find anything on him. Anyone have anything they know of that's Scrafty related? I'm not a huge fan of the MPC plush but if that's all there is... I'll hafta just live with it ;; v ;;''

I'm also looking around for stuff of Scyther and Ash Ketchum! Again, I'm not at all familiar with merch in general, so it's hard to say what I'm even looking for when I don't even know what's available QuQ. If these questions aren't allowed, or anything else I've posted on this page, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately.

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