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Wants, gets and questions.

Okay guys, so let's start with my wants list...

1)Old fuzzy nurse chansey-- had a hat and i think it may have been from banpresto.
2)Bandai Clefairy plushplush(pokedoll-- 1998 I think)
3)Any kind of handmade/custom made pokemon plush(just looking around I guess?)
4)Roserade or roselia plushies
5)Raichu pokedoll(or anything raichu related)
6)Hasbro Pokemon beanbags: Koffing, pidgeotto
7)Clefairy plushies that are not play-by-plays (I kind of don't like play-by-play stuff anymore).
8)Teddiursa pokedoll
9)Large hoppip plush(Idk anything bigger than palm size?)
10)I hear they have different types of 1:1 pichu plushies-- I only have the one with the green tag in front. I wonder if they have the one with spikey ears?
11)Pokedolls of the following: Corsola, Natu
12)Any of the pokemon time related plushies.
13)Any of the hasbro beanies: Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Koffing, Another two pikachus, Meowth, Psyduck, Mew, Mewtwo, etc.

Basically all the little hasbro bean bags, the pokedoll, the pokemon times have their tags. The only thing that doesn't have it's original tags was that bellossom.

On it's way:
Hasbro beanies of bellossom and clefairy, also the pokemon time plushies of zangoose and xatu. All I need now is

Also wondering-- is this mewtwo pokedoll a legit one or is it a bootleg? I mean I kinda don't care as much because it only cost me 25 dollars shipped-- but I don't think it was from china(forgot to read it) but because of the price I wasn't really sure... So I posted a ton of pics under the cut so you guys can help me ID it.

Tags: bellossom, gets, mewtwo, pikachu, poliwhirl, raichu, sneasel, wants, xatu, zangoose
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